Search Trends 2019: Property Investing Amid Brexit

Investing in property is attractive to many people. After all, the returns can be significant. The problem, however, is capital, i.e. having access to funds to invest in property.

In other words, while you can make significant sums of money investing in property, you need significant sums of money to start. There is a possible solution, however – investing in property bonds.

Becoming a buy-to-let landlord has become one of the most common traditional methods of investing in property. However, this type of investment requires access to money. That means money to purchase the land or property outright, or access to finance to make the purchase.

With Brexit causing more political uncertainty on the horizon it would be easy to deter yourself completely away from the property investment, however, the housing market fluctuates all the time, and this is never going to change. 

So how are people still investing in property during this climate? 

Recent search trends have shown a steady growth into the interest and intent of property bond investments. As of the last 3 months, there has been a significant spike in intent-based search for property bonds, indicating that property investments aren’t going anywhere, but more so are heading towards a different direction.

Source: Google Trends 2019 – Buy to let investments (blue) vs Property Bonds (red)

Property bonds are designed for the investor who wants to take advantage of the ever-growing property market, allowing you to invest in the property market with a lower capital requirement, and without the issues of the hands-on landlord role. 

Why are people in the UK moving towards property bond investments? 

Property bonds provide an alternative hands-off solution – alongside a much lower entry barrier making it a more convenient investment to consider against buy to let. More investors see the potential for return in the UK property market but don’t have the necessary time or experience to go through the hoops of the buy to let system. Those investors purchase bonds, effectively performing the function of a bank, i.e. giving developers access to funds.

How do I capture the attention of this increasing demand for bond investments?

In order to generate the interest of an investor, you will first have to look at informing and engaging the prospect, familiarising them with your offering, before building up investor enquiries through intent-based search. 

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