Facebook expanding its test of placing ads in users’ search results

Facebook looks to be increasing its take a look at placing ads in users’ search results. Recently, as reportable by marketing Land, a lot of digital marketers have noticed the option to select “Search” as a placement once deciding where they’d like their Facebook ads to run.

This growth builds off the initial test that Facebook launched back in December of last year. Now, as was the case eight months ago, this is often all the company has to say on the matter: “We still test placing ads in Facebook search results and area unit evaluating whether or not these ads are helpful for people and businesses before deciding whether to roll them out a lot of broadly.”

Indeed, whilst the availability of this placement expands, it remains pretty narrow: only select advertisers within the retail, auto, and eCommerce industries are given access to this point. Plus, even if you’re given access, you don’t have a lot of control over which queries trigger your ads—there aren’t any keywords to speak of at this time. Instead, once you’ve decided to give the search results placement a go, Facebook can serve your ads once users enter commercially motivated queries associated with your business.

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